Hot Oil Boilers


Đuro Đaković Kotlovi : Hot Oil Boilers : Characteristics
  • working temperature 200-300°C
  • working pressure 6 bars
  • nominal pressure NP16
  • area of capacity: 80 kW-5000 kW
  • fueling: gas, light oil, combined
  • high temperature up to 300°C at atmosphere pressure
  • no danger due to rise of the pressure
  • accurate regulation of exit temperature
  • no need for expensive system for chemical preparation of water (treatment of feed boiler water)
  • no heat losses due to warm condensation
  • no danger of corrosion or sedimentation in the system
  • possibility of outdoor installation because there is no danger of freezing of the system
  • low maintenance costs
  • low noise
  • one unit can supply several consumers on different temperature levels
  • simple to operate (completely automatic work - only supervision needed)

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